I have already read Greg DiFranco’s article, “Painting Flats” half a dozen times or more, and know I will read it again and again. That is the mark of a great article—or book for that matter. I don’t want to see this material buried in the past, so I posted it on the site, and, with Greg’s permission, I have formatted it as a pdf file, which means that you can download the article and keep it safely in your “favorites” file or print it out. You can even email it to your friends or print it out for your club or society.

For convenience sake, a link to click can be found at the end of the article in the previous post. Or, you can download it here: Painting Flats, DiFranco

Much thanks to master painter, Greg DiFranco for sharing his knowledge with us.

2 thoughts on ““Painting Flats” in pdf

  1. making this a .pdf document is a great idea, wish more websites would do the same. PDF print out great no problem with pictures being split up on top/bottom of pages etc. Thanks again for your website and sharing such resources

    1. Wayne, you are welcome. I hope to have more tutorials in pdf files as well.

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