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  • Gianpaolo Bistulfi: Gianpaolo’s site is filled with useful advice on painting and includes a beautiful gallery of other painter’s work to admire. Great site!
  • Steve Cady:
  • Stephane Coudait: Stephane has produced a beautiful website and useful as well. Check out the interviews!!! For English speaking visitors, use a browser like Google’s Chrome. It will translate the French well enough to benefit the reader.
  • Panos Charalampakis: (This is one of my favorite sites on flats in that it  thoroughly covers every aspect of flats that I can imagine. It would take someone with more experience to tell me what is missing. You need to click on the dates at the right of the home page to open the index to see all the articles that are covered. Don’t miss this one.)
  • Fabrice Eisenbach Figurines:
  • Juan Francisco Estevez: (I absolutely love Juan Estevez’ work. His work is inspiring.)
  • Marc Mussat was awarded the title of “Master Painter” by his peers. He maintains a blog at

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  1. Great website. I will return multiple times.To find Walter Fishers original article and photographs in Campaign’s magazine look for Vol. 6 1981, Issue 33.

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