I will be out of town for two weeks, but still working. I will still be working on content for the website. I am in the middle of interviews with several people, engravers and painters:

  • Regina Sonntag (Engraver)
  • Andreas Trost (Engraver)
  • Roland Simon (Painter)
  • Wolfgang Friedrich (Engraver)

Greg DiFranco is looking over an article he wrote a number of years ago on painting and the issue of light. I have read and reread this article at least half a dozen times, and plan to read it again. It original appeared in the Historical Miniature Magazine. I received permission from the editor of the magazine and, obviously, Greg, to reprint it. I look forward to it having a place on this site so it is easily accessible.

There are a host of great entries up coming…and not just from me.

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