Any day I see email from Greg DiFranco, is a good day for flats. I only hear from him when he has something great to contribute to the site.  He writes, “We had our show this past weekend and I took some photos of my latest flat, an Officer of the 7th Bis Hussars in Egypt. It’s a Glorious Empires 54mm flat.” He painted it with acrylics.

Notice how Greg creates a 3D effect by painting shadows. Read his article in “Historical Miniatures Magazine”  (No. 39, Sept/Oct 2003). (We are still working on reproducing the article for the site to make it readily available to everyone who wants it.)

Thanks Greg!

7th Bis Hussars Egypt mid

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    1. Thank you for that link. Greg and I talked about reproducing the article for this site. I have it listed under References and will link it to the address you provided.

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