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Under “Resources” I have a page dedicated to articles on flats. I new article has appeared article in the British Flat Figure Society Journal that I wanted to include under “Articles” button “Rafa’s” article  “Gladiators: Hoplomachus versus Provocator.” The article includes 5 beautiful color photos showing his progress in painting the set. It is a tutorial on how he painted the set.But then I would need to list every article of every journal to be consistent. Every article is about “flats” of one sort or another. But I do want to draw your attention to one article in particular. It is by Rafael “Rafa” Cebrian and prominently displayed as the first article of the current issue (Journal No. 110—Autumn 2013). “Rafa’s” work has been prominently displayed on this site for months now. In fact, whenever he sends me his monthly report, I include his new works on the site.

Juan Estevez

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Juan Estevez’ work has also been featured prominently on this website. I have even dedicated a gallery to his work. This month, an article of his appears in the Gladiadoresprestigious “Figure International Magazine.” It is a step by step as well.

I have always wanted to try my hand at painting non metallic surfaces. Juan takes the reader step by step through his painting of the gladiators sculpted by “Rafa.”  Juan paints the helmet and greaves gold or bronze, but without metallic paint, like the masters of old. I encourage you to obtain a copy of this issue of FIM for his article, as well as a host of other tutorials, painting and sculpting alike. I want to thank Juan for creating this step by step. I know I will learn much from it.


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