I have already posted something on VID flat figures from the Ukraine. I learned about them through the IFFS Forum.

It took three attempts to order the figures because I had never wired money to anyone before. I finally got it right, the money was transferred and the figures were delivered.

I ordered the set of Winged Hussar and the Ukrainian Cossacks. I ordered them off the impression the photos left on me. I am only going to feature one of the sets, though I thoroughly appreciate both sets. The set I want to feature are the Ukrainian Cossacks, pictured below:

VID flat-003-1

Ukranian Cossacks, Slider

Cossacks, Feature Image

 The poses on these figures are dynamic and as detailed as they appear in the photos. They are just a big thicker than the typical flat, but for me, that’s a good thing. There is a bit more relief work than the traditional flat, but not by much. I am thoroughly satisfied.

To add to my fascination, these figures were engraved in glass. Next on my list are the French figures they sell. I only wish they had more sets of flats available.

Thanks Dmitry.


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