An interview with Bernard Pecquet. Monsieur Pecquet’s figures are bright and vivid. The highlights, shadows and blending of color is amazing.

I contacted him through Lugdunum Figurines, a figure society in France, and he graciously consented to engage in an interview and to provide photos. When I begin receiving photos, I will create a gallery of his work. Here are some stunning samples:

55 - copie



On another note, I have noticed over the past year, several flat figures catching my eye. They all have something in common. They were all engraved by Daniel Lepeltier. I conducted an interview with this talented man and posted it on the site. I have also visited his site now and again to remind myself of items he engraved. You might want to take a look at the page as well. If interested, just click here: http://daniel-lepeltier.perso.sfr.fr/flat-tin-figurines.html

You also might want to check out the new pics I added to Juan Francisco Estevez’ Gallery.

And the new article by Nicholas Ball. The figure he uses to illustrate how to paint 3D on a flat figure, was engraved by Daniel Lepeltier. Again, it looks like Daniel is the common denominator of the notes in this post. Be sure to familiarize yourself with him and his work.

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