The world of flat tin figures is vast. There are editors, engravers, painters, techniques to consider in engraving and painting, color theory, manufacturers, and history.

Now imagine a resource available to everyone that pooled all of this information in one place, an encyclopedia of sorts. Imagine that this encyclopedia was on the internet and searchable. For example, let’s say you wanted to learning about an engraver like Daniel Lepeltier, or one of the engravers of the past like Ludwig Franks.Or let’s say you are interested in a set of figures like the “August the Strong Hunting Part” engraved by Franz Karl Mohr. Or lets say you wanted to know how to paint a flat in acrylics or you wanted to learn painting techniques in oils. Or, just imagine you simply wanted to see some beautifully painted flat tin figures for ideas or inspiration.

I am thrilled to say such a resource is now available. I have been waiting weeks to break the news about the new flat tin wiki at:

I mentioned the idea to Mark Kirkbride, the man who manages the forum for the International Flat Figures Society (IFFS/BFFS). Mark has all the training to take the software made available by the programmer who wrote the software for the now well known wikipedia. Mark took the software and developed the site that is now available to everyone.

Here is what I am hoping. First of all, I hope you will visit the site. There are only a few articles on the site today, but I want you to envision what could be made of the site with the help of knowledgable painters, editors, engravers, etc.

Secondly, I hope you will consider contributing to the site according to your field of expertise. We have already solicited the help of some of the best known names in flats, like Greg DiFranco and Penny Meyer in the USA to mention a few. At present, I am hoping to attract those who have so much to offer. Mark put this site together because he is wanting to give back to the community from which he has learned so much. I am hoping we can all catch that same kind of spirit.

Please visit the site and let us know what you think. If you have any suggestions, we would like to hear them.

Best wishes,

Steven Lloyd

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