Here are a few quick updates:

1. Rich Odell has completed more of his relief work of the London Ambulance Column (Part 3). Here is his site: I’m looking forward to seeing this one completed.

2. I am working on a brief interview with Gianfranco Speranza. I have admired his abilities for several years. The engraving of St. George and the Dragon featured above was sculpted by Vladimir Nuzhdin, and painted by Gianfranco Speranza.

3. And there will be a brief interview with Benedikt Widmann of Jupiter Miniatures.

5 thoughts on “News & Notes, 5.29.2013

  1. Steven, You are doing a top shelf job with this site. I give you accolades for taking the time and effort to contact and interview the best of the best artists in the flat figure world. Every bit helps in getting better in this hobby.

    1. Joe, thanks for your kind remarks. I selfishly started this site in order to keep organized all the beautiful photos of great works, both by engravers and painters for myself, and for others. I am encouraged to know that it is of benefit to others as well.

  2. These is a really top-notch site. I stop in every-day. Keep up the great work ! Ah, the energy of youth!

    1. Thanks Penny. You play a huge part in stirring up my interest in flat tin figures.

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