Flat Figures in Sweden

In January 2017, I posted an article on Flat Tin Figures in Sweden thanks to Louis Liljedahl. I wanted to feature something on the subject since the Kulmbach Show 2015, having met several people from Sweden at the Show.

A dozen or so photos and their captions were missing from that post. They have been added thanks again to Louis. I encourage you to visit the article here: http://www.flattinfigures.com/flat-tin-figures-in-sweden .

Kulmbach 2017

On another note, I regret to say I cannot make it to the show in Kulmbach this year because I am moving from California to Texas. After 37 years at the same place, I am moving half way across the US for a new work. The move and getting settled for the new position takes place around the dates of the show. What I enjoyed about my first Kulmbach Show experience was meeting people face to face—meeting you. I enjoyed meeting all of you more than I enjoyed the flats. I will miss you most. Perhaps I will make it next time.

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3 thoughts on “News & Notes 4.17.17

  1. I can’t remember what means my first stupid sentence !!!! above ??? Nothing actually. I wanted to say that I was hoping to see you in Kulmbach this ear, but I hope that our physical move to Texas will keep you in activity the Flat Tin Figures and continue our communications.
    Please apoligize for any misunderstanding, I am surprised myself …

  2. Very useful note on Kulmbach
    I know where the site is as I found it on Goggle.

    A bit far from town but actually nearer my hotel

    I hope they have a wurst wagon



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