Three Items:

1. Ken Farrar completed another flat bust of a Native American Indian made of resin and measuring 85mm x 70mm.  Ken not only sculpted this piece, he painted it as well. When I scrolled down Ken’s note from the message to the photos of the bust I saw the face. At first thought I was looking at the photo from which Ken sculpted the bust. Then I realized it was the bust he sculpted and painted. I would assume there are some things painting cannot overcome in a bad sculpt, but when you get a master sculpt and paint it expertly, I think you end up with the photo of this bust. I cannot get over how real the face looks, so I cannot say enough about this particular piece. Judge for yourself:




2. I received a couple of notes congratulating the site for having received over 50,000 hits. One from Marilyne Neurohr:

Hi dear Steven,
Congratulation for  50,000 hits on your site!!
Im part of the site-visitors and I enjoy your site very much. You do a brilliant job.
Thank you for your passion and your time and your love for the flat.

Great to see another young painter. D.Mitschke. ( I guess he is much younger than me ^-^)
I think he will be a grand name soon in the tinworld. Nice work! Thank you to show us his work.

The latest work by Greg diFranco is….stunning beauty! Oh my…
I admire his work so much.
And as a acrylics painter, I do particularly love to look on his acrylics work. However, to see his work (Oil or Acrylics) is everytime/always a blessing.

I annex you 3 Mignot flats -Court of Louis XIV- which I paint some time ago, 30mm, painted with acrylic.
I hope you like it.

with colored wishes to you

I have asked Marilyne to send me photos of her work as she reaches completion. Here is a piece she recently finished, as mentioned in the letter:



I wish I could say something like, “My, isn’t Marilyne progressing well,” but I haven’t seen a bad piece from her. It all looks great to me.  Thanks, Marilyne.

3. I have also tried to keep in contact with Bernard Pecquet, in particular, with reference to other interests like photos of airplanes. I recently sent him a photo of a WW2 plane in flight. He sent me a brief thank you note with this announcement: “After a year of interruption, I start to paint tin figures…” 🙂 I have encouraged him to send photos of completed pieces. I wouldn’t even mind have photos of works in progress with instructional notes. I can’t wait to see what he is working on.

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  1. Wow – Ken!

    That Native American Indian is stunning!!

    For certain that will be a best seller – you’ve pushed the bar up once again.

    All the very best…

    Rich Odell

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