Big news. The site has been up and running since March 2013. As of today, there have been over 50,000 hits on the site. No doubt, that figure is due to repeat visits, but that’s fine with me. Thanks for supporting the site with your time, comments, articles, photos, news, and encouragement.

I hope to post a brief article on Dennis Mitschke this week.

Best wishes,


6 thoughts on “News & Notes, 11.25.13

  1. Hi Steve, personally I enjoy this site immensly, do keep up your passion, we are a manythat enjoy this site and support your commitment. In my eyes, this site fills a gap, not available anywhere else.

    Kindest collectors regards
    Kjeld Buchholtz

    1. Kjeld and Rich, along with a few others, have been constant sources of encouragement to maintain this site. I would like to highlight one fact. It is not my work in flats that sustains this site. I am still in the infancy stage of learning to paint a flat. The success of this site is the willingness of people from all over the world who have some expertise in engraving, or painting, or sculpting, or writing that sustain the site. It is very much a joint effort. My thanks is to everyone who has contributed thus far, and to the ones that plan to contribute some in the future.
      Best wishes,

      1. I really appreciate your efforts and the willingness of the members of our “flat” loving community to share.

  2. Steve great news and congratulations. Your dedication and passion have made this the “go to” site for all the latest news and reports .

    Cheers Ken

  3. Steve – just got to say your website is becoming an ever increasing and valuable resource for folks like me. Got into a rut with my latest sculpt, I’ve spent the last few days contemplating moving onto another project and putting it on hold – however – logged onto this site, reviewed Kjeld’s articles on flat collecting and got inspiration from the images he provided (many thanks my friend). Going back to the sculpt I found that all I needed was a few simple adjustments to the pose to make it work!

    Problem solved and ‘back in the groove’ once again!

    Please, please, please – wherever you find yourself in this flat world, share your work with us for inspiration – we need it as much as you do! It does not matter what level of skill you have – as long as you have a passion for this art-form, I for one would love to see your work. 🙂


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