I only have a few items today:

First, I have added another link to the resources page. It is under “galleries.” It is Louis Liljedahl website:  www.louis-liljedahl.se. You can spend hours browsing everything he has to see. Thanks Louis.

The second items has to do with the SCAHMS Show slated for April 2014. We did not have a show this year (2013) for a variety of reasons, but it has been decided by the ones making the decisions to have a show April 11-12, 2014. I will post more information on this as it is available. It will be held in Southern California—after all, it is The Southern California Area Historical Miniatures Society. Flats are entered in every show I’ve attended. It is not uncommon to see the work of Penny Meyer, Chuck Smith, and others. Why not consider adding your painted pieces to the show this year.

Third, I added Greg DiFranco’s new piece to his gallery. This is the first time in a while I have added anything to a gallery. I almost forgot I had any, but a quick glance reminded me of the beautiful works of art there are in the various artists’ pages.

7th Bis Hussars Egypt mid

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