There are two new items from Greg. The first is of some recent work he did on Alexander the Great and Darius at Issus. The second will be posted soon. It is an article on painting you will not want to miss. It is based on an article published years ago in Historical Miniature Magazine. The editor of the now defunct magazine, Steven Weakley, gave permission to reprint it. When I spoke with Greg about the article in Kulmbach a few months ago, he suggested revising it. I can’t wait to read the revised version. I’ve read the original half a dozen times.

Now, for the current work. Greg writes,

Here are the first 3 figures in the Alexander at Issus series, Alexander, Persian Prince and Darius.

All of these have been painted in acrylics. Thanks to Jim Horan insisting that I paint the Ludwig Frank versions of these figures and thanks to Wolfgang Weiss for providing the Darius Chariot, these are all Frank engravings. Jim helped arranged the trade with Wolfgang.  I don’t know the full story but supposedly the original Frank molds for Darius and a few other figures in the series were destroyed during the war.  Eventually I plan to do more figures from the series.  I was in Naples and viewed the Issus mosaic in person, which  is what inspired me to paint this series.

Alexander at Issus grouping

Alexander at Issus - fix

Darius at Issus

Darius Prince at Issus a



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  1. The brilliant handing of lights of Greg makes him one of the best and unsurpassed masters of flats painting with Vladimir Douchkine. I am therefore looking forward to seeing his remastered article on flat painting as a resuscitation of the fundamental technics of this art.

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