Most of my work days are filled reading and writing, and the books I read rarely have pictures. So, it is a pleasure to receive the work supporters of the site send of figures bursting with color. Eric Talent sent me some photos of figures he recently painted.

I would assume that readers are much like me in that we are bound to have favorite pieces. Our favor may not be based in anything but our own personal taste. I must say that the photo Eric sent of the figures engraved by Franz Karl Mohr (one of my favorite engravers of years gone by), is one of my favorites in this new collection. Look at the faces, the realistic color…and the details with such vivid shadows and highlights. It compels me to look for the piece myself and to use Eric’s work as an exemplar.

Eric writes, “Here is a 54mm figure engraved by Franz Karl Mohr and inspired by some Honoré Daumier characters. The figure is well known but it is a real pleasure to paint.”

Liberté de la Presse 8

Mohr, front

Mohr, back

The figures below are “Burgundian round 1475 during the Swiss and Burgundian Wars:”






I looked for Eric’s gallery to add these figures only to discover that I do not already have a gallery of his work. I will remedy that in a few minutes. There! I just added a gallery of Eric’s work to the main menu to gather all the photos he has sent my way in one place. You can find it here.

Thanks  Eric.

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