It is always a breathe of fresh air to open email from a painter, engraver, or a collector because it usually includes some beautiful work of art—unlike the glut of unwanted junk mail I receive daily.

Eric sent several photos of some of his recent work—and it is beautiful. I am amazed at how much the armor is painted to look like metal.

Eric writes:

The first one shows Charles the VII, King of France from 1422 to 1461, followed by the French Banner, held by the Duke of Montmorency, and his personal banner, held by a Gendarme of the Ordonnance. The King and Montmorency are from the Maier set and the Gendarme is a Murten figure with a modified banner.



Of what follows Eric writes:

This is the following of the Toison d’Or  (Golden Fleece) set started with my “little moulds story.”

First picture shows the Duke of Brabant fighting Jacques de Crèvecoeur


The second shows Antoine de Croy on foot with lance and Jean de la Trémouille pageant and horse


The third one shows a drummer with de Créquy coat of arms and a trumpeter with the de Melun one


At last a trumpeter with Flanders coat of arms, Jean de Vergy holding the Great Banner of Butgundy and  Hughes de Lannoy

Thank you, Eric.


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  1. Beautiful as allways … but descriptions of the last pics do not match..(last pc is the same as the first ones)

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