Eric and Vladimir
Eric and Vladimir

Eric Talmant is no stranger to the readers of this site. He has been a friend to this site in many ways, one of which is by sending us photos of his recent work. He also contributes photos on other subjects, like the several photos he contributed to the new Collection of Vladimir Douchkine’s work.

The other day, he sent a photo of his work on a new figure being produced by the British Flat Figure Society ( They are in the process of producing figures centered on the figure of King Arthur. The first one is already out and available for purchase. Eric has already painted it. He writes:

The first one is issued by the IFFS-BFFS and shows Arthur pulling the sword out of the stone to bring it to his half-brother Kay. It is the first figure of a serie which will deal with the Arthurian saga. The design is from Sacha Lunyakov and the engraving from Andreas Trost.

Arthur fini 4

Eric also sent photos of another work recently completed.
The second picture shows a group of elephants crossing the Alps under Hannibal in 218 BC. The group has been made by a friend of mine by soldering the three elephants from the Gottstein range. It makes a unique and original figure.
Hannibal 14 2
I have added these to Eric’s Gallery as well.
Merci, Eric.

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