Fabrizio posted several beautiful pieces he recently painted for the show in Kulmbach this weekend. I asked if he would send me pics to include on the site. He graciously sent the following photos with a brief comment or two.

He writes,

The MMA Miniatures brand asked me to paint these figures 28mm to be presented at Kulmbach 2017. The first series refers to the French nobles at the Battle of Azincourt and are inspired by 54mm figures all round made by Mario Venturi.

The second series is inspired by the picture of French painter Francois Dubois who reproduces the massacre of San Bartholomew, the massacre committed by the Catholic faction against the huguenots on August 24, 1572. The figures were painted in oil colors on acrylic base.

1st Series



2nd Series




What amazes me about Fabrizio’s painting is his ability to create contrast with the shadows and highlights. This is another beautiful example of his expert work.

I will also post these photos on his gallery page.



3 thoughts on “New Fabrizio Cheli, 8.13.17

  1. Magnificient paintings, as Fabrizio can do !! Congratulations and they inspired us to start paintings them too !!
    Welcome back Stephen!

  2. The figures are from MBzinnfiguren. Azincourt is engraved by Regina Sonntag while San Bartholomew massacre is engraved by Werner Otto.

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