Greg sent this photo of this piece some time ago, but I misplaced it. He sent it again with these remarks:

Here is a flat I did a number of years ago, its painted in a backlit fashion, i.e. the light source is coming from the far side which puts 75% of the figure in shadow.  This is a Glorious Empires 54mm flat painted in oils.


I am amazed at how 3-dimensional he painted this piece.

Nap in Egypt background2


I have included this on Greg’s gallery page. Don’t miss the new remarks he has left on some of the other pieces also..

2 thoughts on “Napoleon, by Greg DiFranco

  1. Rich Odell writes, “Masterful painting Steven, many thanks for sharing.”

  2. Greg DiFranco is a master at painting. This figure is evidence of his ability. I have always been amazed at the “light” he painted on this figure. When I show it to others and tell them it is a “flat” figure, they usually respond with surprise that it is not a three dimensional figure.

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