Greg DiFranco sent a few more pics of his set of 17th Lt. Dragoons with this note:

These are 30mm flats that a friend from England asked me to consider painting.  After viewing how wonderful they were I had no choice but to paint them, first because they were engraved by Ludwig Frank, and second because my favorite period is the Rev. War and these figures are not easy to find.  The horses are especially well rendered on these flats.  Also, the dismounted Philadelphia Light Horse trooper has such a natural pose.   My biggest challenge with these figures was the colors,  or lack thereof.  The Philly Light Horse figures being mainly brown on brown and the 17th light dragoons being mainly black, white and red.    The light source emanates from the upper left of the viewer.

17th Lt Dr b.w small

17th Lt Dragoons b small

Philly Lt Hr blue small

Rev Dragoons blue

3 thoughts on “More pics of 17th Lt. Dragoons

  1. You can so easily forget these figures are flat? Greg’s work is astounding! Even with the images blown up 10x from original, the figures lose nothing in quality!

    A pleasure to see…


    1. Rich, I know what you mean. I show these to family members and friends, and the minute I explain to them how flat these figures are, they are astonished.

  2. Superb figures and superb painting. I did know that the english light dragoons were by Frank but I had not realized that these american dragoons were as well by him (I bought a couple of american dragoons many years ago – not the ones shown – and they turned to be by Lecke).

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