Eric writes,
Part of my collection is made of old figures issued at the end of the 19th or beginning of the 20th centuries, which I started collecting a few years ago. It is sometimes uneasy to guarentee the age of the figures because many moulds are still existing and Heinrichsen, for instance, still produces figures with his old moulds which were kept in very good condition. So a particular attention must be given to the way and quality of painting. Of course they have nothing in common with the actual figures and the realistic way of painting; they are mostly toy soldiers but I have always found them very charming.
I start with a few sets about a very popular topic: Market Places
They are from Heinrichsen, Allgeyer and Woerlhi and most of them are before the First World War. You will notice that there can be several samples of some of the figures which can have been issued by different manufacturers who used to copy each others.

Marché 1


Marché 2


Marché 3


Marché 4


Marché 5

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