Kjeld Buchholtz has been a big supporter of this site, not only in words of encouragement, but in resources and photos of his work. We posted a few pics of his work earlier, and we have a couple more to study. I appreciate your help, Kjeld.

Concerning the first pic of three mounted figures, Kjeld writes: “latest work, 30 mm flat figures Thirty Years War officers, editor Wünsch, former Müller Erfurt, painted in oils.”


Of the following piece, he writes, this is the “Danish king Christian IV, a figure ca 11 cm high, including the horse, it was edited in a limited numbered edition of 50 figures, by my good friend Kjeld Lülloff, Denmark.” Kjeld notes that, “Kjeld Lülloff sadly passed away last year, he was my great inspiration, and the reason, I now only paint flats. I like to dedicate these 2 photos to him, and his fantastic passion and enthusiasm for all things “flat”, and a good personal friend, Rest in peace my friend.


And a close-up.


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  1. Very nice, it’s good to see some of Kjeld’s work. I like the blog, Steven. It’s a good addition to the internet world of flats collecting.

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