Chuck sent me more photos of some of his work. Two photos, in particular, lead me to believe that Chuck grayscales his figures before he applies color. I sent him an email asking him about that. He writes,

I am an old school oil painter and unlike Greg, I have not learned new
tricks (e.g. acrylics, which he uses to such stunning effect). The method is
to first paint the whole figure in a grey scale, using raw umber and white
mixed (except for flesh which is done using burnt umber and white).  Before
laying in the flesh tones themselves, I place a thin glaze of viridian over
those burnt umber/white areas. One of the photos shows the green glaze

Maggie Photos 022

But here is the same flat completed:

March 2008 003

You don’t need to be an expert to appreciate the beauty and complexity of this work.

Chuck has sent me several more photos, but I’ve decided to post them individually.

Chuck entered a couple dozen pieces at the last SCAHMS show engraved by the famous Franz Karl Mohr. The set is called the German Peasant Wars. They were beautiful. If anyone happens to have good digital photos of these figures painted by Chuck, I would love to post them. I have some photos from the show, but my are not very good, and I don’t want to post anything that would detract from his work.

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