One of the benefits of this site is having knowledgable contributors who are interested in the site as well. Every once in a while someone will recommend a talented painter whose work they think would be good to feature. Just this week Rich Odell sent me a photo of the work of Catherine Poisson and recommended she be featured on the site. I agree. I met Catherine at the show in Kulmbach two weeks ago. I am hoping to feature her work soon.

Bernard Pecquet paints with a group of people a couple times a month. Richard and Catherine Poisson are in that group, along with Serge Franzoia. There is a lot of talent in that room. Another person they paint with is Amalia Retuerto Elordi. Her work has been featured on this site before, thanks to Bernard.


This week, Bernard sent me several more beautiful works of Amalia’s for our enjoyment. Thanks, Bernard.









6 thoughts on “More from Amalia Retuerto Elordi

  1. Amalia Retuerto Elordi: Some beautifull creations here, and your understanding of light and shadow, makes your figures look like “ a round figure“, that’s the whole purpose of painting flat figures, my compliments.

    Kindest regards
    Kjeld Buchholtz

  2. Fantastic mastering of lights and shadows to create three dimensions on her paintings, among the very few on the planet to reach this level…

  3. Good morning.
    The painting of this Figures are taken away my breath! All those details and the lights and shadows…whow!!
    It is inspiring and makes me to want to see more of it! Thanks a lot for sharing your fine Art with us! Greetings, Julia Kehle

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