Mil-Mart Miniatures is run by Ken Farrar. I asked him how he got into the business. He writes:

I have always been interested in Art, Drawing, Sculpting etc. I started making figures and busts for myself as a hobby and more and more people started asking me to produce one off sculpts for them. A couple of years ago someone asked me to do a flat and as I looked into it the more it appealed to me. As I have never worked with metal or engraving before I decided to try a different approach. I was very aware that what I was producing was not a ‘Traditional’ flat which is usually cast in metal and is engraved on slate. Mine are cast in resin, sculpted from scratch using Super Sculpey Firm on glass or ceramic tile. Although the thickness of my work can vary, none is more than 5mm in depth. The market I was aiming at was the middle ground between the Traditional Flat Painter and the Round Figure Painter, in the hope that the round figure painter who would not normally paint a flat be attracted to the semi round figure as there is some natural depth for shading and highlighting at a fraction of the cost.

Here are some of the figures he offers on his site:


Geisha with fan 1a


01 ww1 pilot
Check out Ken’s site for more. I just ordered the three figures in the third photo.
Thanks Ken.

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