by Penny Meyer

Michael Taylor passed away on December 19th, 2014. Since the 1980’s Mr. Taylor was an inspiration to many of us as a designer and painter of flat tin figures. He has introduced the world of flat tin figures to some people through his book on painting flat tin figures.

Mr. Taylor asked to donate his collection to the National Flat Tin Figure Museum in Omen, Netherlands when he passed on. The Museum had a retrospective exhibition of his work in 2003 and houses some of the work from this exhibition.

Instead of flowers or other traditional remembrances, the family of Mike Taylor has asked people to please donate to the National Tin Figure Museum to aid in keeping the collection housed properly. Please help us, the family and friends of Mike Taylor, to honor his memory and donate to the National Flat Tin Figure Museum.


Donations can be made through using Mike’s son, Mark’s, account. You can access his account using his email address:

Here is a link to the Museum Web Page:

You will find a tribute to Mike on their homepage.


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