When the thought of developing a website featuring flat tin figures entered my mind, I consulted with Penny Meyer. Penny said I also needed to contact Greg DiFranco and Jim Horan. Greg said I needed to get in touch with Jim Horan.

I called Jim and he pointed me in the right direction. To say that he has influenced the content of this site would be an understatement. Every suggestion Jim has given me has turned to gold.

I met Jim for the first time at the show in Kulmbach this year. What a pleasure it was. Jim was everything I imagined him to be: knowledgeable, gracious, and humble. He gave me a host of leads, all of which will lead to more gold that we will all benefit from in the months to come. Thanks Jim.

One of the more memorable incidents at the show occurred when a young boy from Greece came to the table where Jim and Greg DiFranco were putting on a painting demonstration. The grandmother asked a few questions about what was going on. Jim stopped what he was doing, found a figure for the young man to paint and gave him his first painting lesson. The grandmother did not have a clue who it was that had taken the time to answer her questions or help her grandson.


Someone raised the question of how young people can be introduced to the art form. Perhaps this is a start.

Below are some more photos of Jim from the show:

Jim and Gernot Schlager of Austria


Jim with Marilyne Neurohr


Jim with Marilyne and Greg DiFranco


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