You will see more and more of Penny Meyer’s work on this website. In fact, under blogs, she is running her own blog on this site. Penny has been a longstanding member of SCAHMS (Southern California Area Historical Miniatures Society—now you see why it is abbreviated to SCAHMS). In fact, she achieved the status of Grand Master at the 2011 SCAHMS show.

Penny put on a workshop at one of the annual shows several years ago on the Grisaille method of painting, which involves painting your piece in gray scale first. (See Greg DiFranco’s Carthaginian War Elephants in his gallery for an example. Chuck Smith showed us how he accomplishes the same thing with oils in an earlier blog post. And don’t forget her blog on this site).

The current issue of Figure International Magazine, No. 45, 1st Quarter of 2013, features an article by Penny on how she painted a Mayan Warrior from start to finish. Penny entered this piece along with several other pieces in a great show in an IPMS Show in Pasadena California a month ago.


I am so glad to see FIM featuring so many articles on Flats. I recommend other flat painters consider submitting articles on various aspects of the “flat” world. Mike Taylor had an article in the magazine on “Boats of the Ancient Nile” (No. 39, 3rd Quarter 2011). This magazine is translated into several languages. Just imagine the exposure “flats” could get and is getting in an international magazine!

Here are some other flats Penny entered into the show. (I saw the one of Cardinal Richelieu in grayscale—prior to the application of the various colors, and was stunned at what a beautiful job Penny did with this piece just in grayscale.



I want to show you two other figures she painted that are not flats to demonstrate how versatile Penny is.



These figures were painted using the Grisaille technique also.

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