The first website I built with reference to figures featured 72 scale figures. I lost the contents to that website 3 times due to inexperience. Needless to say, I was very frustrated. I named the website after a local hobby store that produced beautiful 72 scale figures:  The site is still up and running, but I have not spent as much time maintaining it. I wrote an article on the making of these figures that was published in “Figures International,” published by  Andrea Press.

The site also featured the 72 scale work of sculptor, Massimo Costa, for the same reason I feature people’s work on this website. I liked it. You may be wondering how this fits into this website. Well, Massimo was at the Kulmbach show this year (2015). I could not have been more thrilled to meet him face to face, and to visit with him about his work.

He said he would send me photos of many of his latest master figures. They are not flat figures, but you don’t need to be involved in 27 scale figures to appreciate the craftsmanship of his figures.

Below is a gallery of the photos Massimo sent me. They are available from Hagen Miniatures.

The next gallery of figures are also by Massimo and available at Germania Miniatures.

cowboy 008

newp 001

newp 013

newp 014

newp 023

tom 002

tom 005

tom 009

tr 013


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