One of the great delights of the show in Kulmbach was meeting Marilyne Neurohr. Marilyne has become a major contributor to this website, not only with her figures, but with the great article she wrote on Vladimir Douchkine. She is everything everyone told me about her—gracious and sweet, not to mention passionate for the art of painting.

Marilyne won a bronze medal for her painting of “Catherine the Great.”


Catherine the great-Marilyne

I think it is fair to say that a bronze medal from Kulmbach is worth more than a silver or gold medal from a show in which flats are not prized like they are in Kulmbach. The high level of painting achieved by those who entered the competition and the keen eye of the judges make for a combination that make any medal a treasure. Congratulations, Marilyne!

She sent me the photos featured above and a couple more—one of her table at the Show.meinStand

The next photo is a close up one of the figures she displayed on the easel.

framed figures

I have been waiting for the show to obtain a photo with better resolution of her for my site. This one with Greg DiFranco is great.


The next photo is of Marilyne and Greg DiFranco at the vender’s tent.


Jim Horan and Greg DiFranco put on a workshop for anyone interested in watching them paint. People filed by all afternoon to take a peek.

1 Painting

Notice the young boy from Greece at the end of the table. Jim Horan took time out to help introduce him to the art of painting flat figures.

2 Painting

I look forward to seeing more of Marilyne’s work in the future.




2 thoughts on “Marilyne in Kulmbach

  1. Marilyne,

    Your “Catherine The Great” piece is truly stunning. That has to be one of the best painted horses I have seen. Congratulations on your medal.

    Ed Cepauskas

  2. I met Marilyne the first time about 7 years ago… at that time she was dreaming of becoming known for her painting and/or writing (she also does props for films!.. and wrote a book ;-)) and she really admired those great painters of the tinfigures… now her dreams are coming true and I’m soooo happy for her! I know how precious it is for her to actually also meet those great artists in Kulmbach. She lets me know about it every year! Yeahhhh congratulations Maryline!!!! You proove that “dreams ARE coming true”!!! 🙂
    Alles Liebe, Silke-Schoggi

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