Jim Horan informed me of an upcoming talent in the art of flat tin figures. Her name is Marielyne Neurohr. She is learning to paint, in part, through the internet with Jim as her coach. She sent her mentor some photos of her work, and he, in turn, forwarded them to me. I think you will be impressed with what you see.

painting with jim

(Marielyne painting with Jim Horan)

The next few photos show a work in progress to its completion:




What I like about this arrangement is the fact that someone interested in painting is receiving the benefits of an experienced accomplished painter. I have learned the most when I was able to watch a master at work. Marielyne is taking advantage of a great opportunity. She is to be commended for her interest in the art and for the quality of her work. I hope we see more from her.

Jim isn’t the only one she has rubbed shoulders with. Here is a photo with her and Jim with my mentor, Penny Meyer.

The next photo is of Marilyne’s work completed:


And one final pic of another work she completed:


Thanks Jim for letting us know about Marilyne, and thanks to Marilyne for allowing us to share photos of her work.

Prior to posting this pictorial article, I wrote to Marielyne asking her whether she painted with acrylics, oils, or enamels. She graciously sent me the following brief biography, and another photo of a previous work:

PenJimMarieKulmbach(Photo of Penny Meyer, Jim Horan, and Marielyne Neurohr)

Hello everybody!

My Name is Marielyne Neurohr, and I was born 1978. I am a french-german Girl 🙂 Please accept my apologies for my english,

Before I continue: I want to thank you, everyone of you. Your wonderful masterly work are a great great motivation for young painters! Please never stop to add motivation and beauty flats to the tin-world 🙂

My first contact with tin figures, about 14 years ago, was in the (artist’s) workshop from my dear friends Alfred and Roland Umhey . I owe them so much. They are my -historians Kings-. When I saw the work from Jim Horan, Vladimir Douchkine and Greg diFranco for the first time; I fell in love. It’s due/thanks to them, that I find my passion for the flat tin-world, years ago. I develop the wish; one day to paint like this. ( No way!)

2009 I was for the first time in Kulmbach…I saw so stunning figures. And meet pleasant, amiable peoples. I get the great chance to meet Jim, Franz Winkler and Oleg Sokruto. They sensitize my view for the art of painting flats, to paint with attentiveness, with a eye for shadow and light and three dimensionality.

2011 I was again at Kulmbach ( by the way; I just can recommend to go to the Kulmbach fair!) and meet again so dear Person. Gianpaolo Bistulfi, Alexander Baden and Nicolas Douchkine. (Son from Vladimir Douchkine) A greatly meeting for me was also to meet the wonderful Penny Meyer. I admire her work. A great woman. All Peoples I meet was so warm-hearted and obliging ( is that the right word?) helpful to give painting hints/tips, this support was just deeply moving for me.

Jim Horan (Line Infantery -Colonel-..oil) and Gianpaolo Bistulfi (Eugene de Beauharnais..acrylic) give me the great pleasure to help/teach me to paint a flat. Via E-Mail! Thank you again for your amazing patience!

I enjoy to look at flats, every artist have his own way to paint, have their own feeling for colors, light and shadow and overall impression. I love to look and to learn. And I discover incessantly new styles and great artists.

At this point I want to thank Steven LIoyd for this enriching Website! For me its a honor to be part of the tin-world! The passion of flat-painting give birth to so many wonderful things.

I paint in acrylic. (until now just one oil flat..hopefully they will follow more 🙂 I have no special Colorbrand, some Prinz August, Schmincke, Vallejo, …I try to make/mix my own colormix. And I try to avoid pure black and white. I use daVinci brushes. One day I want to try to afford me W&N brushes and colors. Mainly I paint 30mm flats. ( At the moment I try a big size flat 🙂 Mainly I paint flats with a historic portrayal. And I like flats in motion (on the move) like the beautiful -Ivan Tsarevich- from V.Nuzhdin or realistic scenes like Retreat from Moscow 1812 by Scholtz. I like the excellent work from V.Nuzhdin and Frank…. Scholtz, Thiel, Ochel and Mignot. (That not means that I dont like others 😉

Well, I have still to learn soooooo much in flat-painting… but I enjoy every minutes 🙂

I wish to everyone a great painting time.


My friend, Kjeld Buccholtz, once wrote to me saying that the world of painting flat tin figures is a lonely one. What he meant by this is that for many of us, there are not many flat painters where we live for us to encourage one another. I agree. But, with the aid of the internet, perhaps many of us who are alone in our painting can find encouragement from others in the world sharing their work and learning from one another.

I want to thank Marielyne for taking time to tell us about her painting flat tin figures. It is less lonely reading about her experiences and seeing her work. Hopefully, we will see more of it in the future.

Here is one final photo of Marielyne’s work, a Winged Hussar:

Winged Hussar, MN

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