• Bernhard Bakat carries some great looking flats on this site; everything from fairy tale characters to biblical themes like Philip the evangelist and the Ethiopian, biblical themes.
  • Jean Barriere is the owner of SEGOM, the only manufacturer of flat figures in France. Jean carries a variety of high quality flat figures, some engraved by Daniel Lepeltier, but Jean is the artist, engraver, and smelter of many beautiful figures himself.
  • Vladimir Nuzhdin’s figures can be ordered through him at or by email at:
  • Richard Odell’s blog site: Rich sculpts reliefs. You can keep track of his offerings including tutorials on this site.


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  1. Bnojour, je recherche de la documentation sur la serie Wimor, concernant l’enterrement de Gustave-Adolphe de Suède 1636, merci par avance, cordialement.

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