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Articles are listed by the magazine in which they appear, and date:

The British Flat Figure Society Journal:

Campaigns Magazine:

Figures International Magazine:

  • Taylor, Mike (No. 39, 3rd Quarter 2011). Boats of the Ancient Nile. FIM, 8-11.
  • Meyer, Penny (No. 40, 4th Quarter 2011). The Grisaille Technique: What is it? FIM, 14-15. (This article is not about flats, but it is written by an exquisite painter of flats and is about a technique she also uses when painting flats. See the tutorial by her on this site.)
  • Ocana, Mario (No. 41, 1st Quarter 2012). Initiation to the Flat Figures. FIM, 31-32. (He says of Michael Taylor’s book, The Art of the Flat Tin Figure, “This is the best book written on flat figures.” Everyone has told me the same.)
  • Ocana, Mario (No. 42, 2nd Quarter 2012). Frames for all kinds of figures. FIM, 30-32. (This article is a Figure Workshop article and focuses primarily on framing flats.)
  • Ocana, Mario (No. 44, 4th Quarter 2012). French Mounted Dragoon. FIM, 17-21.
  • Meyer, Penny (No. 45, 1st Quarter 2013). Mayan Warrior. FIM, 12-17.
  • Estevez, Juan (No. 47, 3rd Quarter 20130. Alea Iacta Est. FIM, 50-53.

Historical Miniature Magazine (This magazine is no longer in print, but I am working on obtaining the articles listed here and posting them on the website.)

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    1. Michel, I agree. I have tried providing links to articles when possible. Your comment reminded me that Greg DiFranco revised an article he wrote years ago for Historical Miniature Magazine, which is now out of print. Stephen Weakley gave me the permission to reprint it at I went back to the Magazine resources page and provided a hyperlink to the article as it appeared here. Thanks for the input. Best regards.

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