I have been familiar with the name Louis Liljedahl for a while. I have him listed under “Galleries” under the “Resources” menu. But I met him in Kulmbach this year at the show. He strikes me as very knowledgable and good humored. (After taking photos of his work in the exhibit room, he informed me that he was collecting $5.00 per photo for copyright:) ).

I told him that the President of SCAHMS (Southern California Area Historical Miniatures Society) is Lars Liljeblad. He gave me an informed lesson on the meaning and pronunciation of names beginning with “Lilje.” I can only imagine that there  would never be a dull moment around Louis. No doubt, there is much to be learned from him.

Louis, me, and Vladimir
                                                                    Louis, me, and Vladimir

It takes this kind of informed person to edit a magazine, in particular, on flat tin figures, and in this case, for the Swedish community. I will have more to say on the periodical and on Louis in another post.

Here is a piece Louis entered in the competition this year in Kulmbach:

Vikingar a liten


There was no shortage of talent in Kulmbach.

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