I don’t know where to begin. For several years people have told me that the show in Kulmbach, Germany was the Mecca of the flat tin figure world. Now I know what they mean.

My wife and I attended this year’s show. We not only attended it, but were treated to a personal tour of the town the first night we were there. Stefan Wachter (far right in the photo), the only Kulmbach resident interested in flat tin figures, gave us, Greg DiFranco, Sue, and Franz Winkler, a personal tour of the Medieval City.


(Franz Winkler, Sue, Greg DiFranco, Andreas Barz, Stefan Wachter, Valerie.)

Franz Winkler and Andreas Banz picked us up from the train station and attended to our transportation needs. If I had only met the people I have mentioned already, the trip would have been worth it, but that is not all. I met Marilyne Neurohr, Vladimir Nuzhdin, Michael Kontraros and Vasillis, Eric Talmant, Bernard Pecquet, Phillip Fourquet, Benedict Widmann, Jim Horan, and a host of others whose names will appear in upcoming blog entries.

I have a host of interviews lined up, and articles from painters like Greg DiFranco. Getting to know Greg and Sue was another highlight of the trip.

I encourage you to check back now and then for the new material I look forward to sharing with you from the show.

And last, but not least, Best of Show, Masterclass Painting in Flat Figures, went to Penny Meyer from Las Vegas, Nevada, for her painting of “The Kid.” I will have more to say on this soon.

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    1. Kjeld, my wife and I had one of the most enjoyable vacations of our life at Kulmbach. The most enjoyable aspect of it was meeting people I have only had the pleasure to visit through the internet. Perhaps we will meet in Kulmbach at the next show. I also used the list you sent me to check out booths. Thanks.

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