(Editorial Note: I have followed Bernard Tardif’s work on various Facebook pages for some time now. I reached out to him hoping he would send some of his work for the site. He graciously consented. He writes telling us a little about himself and his painting technique.)

My name is Bernard Tardif, I was born in Creil, France, 62 years ago. I have been painting figurines for 35 years now. I started with round bumps and some tin dishes from time to time. I go to the contests as much as possible, because it is by comparing our painting with those of others that we progress. In recent years I have been more invested in painting tin dishes.

I am part of the Rubelles club in France, or there are painters of great talent on the flat figurines, Catherine Césario, who has unfortunately left us recently, Amalia Retuerto, Bernard Pecquet and Serge Franzoia, are part of this club. And how not to make progress in cotelling such people, each in a specific area, brought me something, mixing colors, lighting and techniques ……. By combining their techniques and taking what suits me, I have progressed a little, but a lot of way remains to be done …………

I use oil paint only and I use Humbrol paint for under layers that I dilute with white spirit, my favorite subjects are historical subjects. My figurines are a first time under bed with humbro 63, then a sub-layer in the color that comes closest to the final shade. I do not hesitate to come back with glazes, once the paint dries well, and several times, in order to obtain the desired effect and lighting ……… Here are some photos of my tin dishes, others will follow.

I am sure you will agree with me that Bernard’s work is beautiful. I am impressed with how smooth his colors are blended together.

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  1. Bernard is a fantastic painter, collecting gold award is most contests these last years, till last week still, and Catherine Cesario award in Rubelles three weeks ago as best flat painter …
    He masters light & shadows, colours transitions to give a eprfect illusion of rondes bosses on his flats, the basic qualities of an outstanding flat painter ….

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