If Greg DiFranco’s reputation as a painter ever needed confirmation, it was given at the show in Kulmbach, Germany 2015. Aspiring as well as accomplished painters vied for his attention wanting him to critique their work. He is considered a Grand Master Painter by his peers.

I think you could hold a contest, the prize being spending a weekend with Greg at the Kulmbach show. Well, there was no contest, but I won. Due to mutual friends like Penny Meyer, and being from the United States, and having a common denominator in the website, Greg and I met at the Frankfurt airport with Sue and my wife,  Valerie. We took the train together to Kulmbach, ate our meals together, and began developing a friendship. What a pleasure.


At the Frankfurt Train Station

Greg brought several pieces to display at the show. He had no intention of entering the painting competition, but Franz Winkler insisted he enter two pieces. He won gold for his Von Richthofen bust.

Version 3

In the Competition



Greg’s Display (Not entered in competition)



Gold for Von Richthofen Bust

Greg and Jim Horan put on a painting exhibition. People stopped to watch throughout the afternoon, but Marilyne Neurohr and Stefan Wachter found a place to plant.





On Sunday afternoon, several of us went to the Plassenburg to see the 5 stories of flat tin figures. Greg is visiting with several members of the International Flat Figure Society while Franz Winkler points out a site or two.




Whenever I find myself in a position to describe what flat tin figures are, one of the first things I do is show them one of my favorite pieces, painted by Greg. The usual reaction is not to believe it is flat. The other reaction is astonishment. That is why I show this to so many people.

Carthaginian War Elephant yellow shrink


If you would like to seem more of Greg’s work, check out his gallery.

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