Those who paint flats need no introduction to the name Greg DiFranco. Formally, he has been awarded the title Grand Master by his peers. He is a member of a select group of people who are not only talented, but freely share their talents and knowledge with others. I have anxiously waited to show you this piece, a Carthaginian War Elephant. It took him 2-3 months to paint.

Greg uses and recommends a painting technique known in some circles by the French word “Grisaille.” (We will explore this method in detail in upcoming posts.) “Grisaille” is simply French for  “grayscale.” Painters first render their subject in grayscale. It helps to deal with issue of lighting. Then the color is applied.

The first photo in this post is of Greg’s award winning piece in grayscale.



The next two photos are of the completed piece.

Carthaginian War Elephant brown shrink

Carthaginian War Elephant yellow shrink

Greg has already said he would send me more photos of his work. And he is going to do a brief write up on this particular work. I have posted these photos early, probably too early, not having waited for the write up, but I wanted to spend some time savoring this piece.

5 thoughts on “Greg DiFranco

  1. Hi Steven – many thanks for setting this website up, I’m sure it will help to promote the world flat figures as the art form it truly is. Came from your link of planet figure, will bookmark this site so I can enjoy further updates.

    The tip about ‘Grey Scale’? Invaluable – never knew about this process…

    -Rich Sulpts

    1. Rich,
      I plan to post a number of step-by-steps from Penny Meyer on the process of painting Grey Scale. I would love to own a flat painted by her just in gray scale. They are so beautiful. Greg DiFranco, of course, is a master also. He wrote an article I hope to get permission to reprint on the website. I have read it half a dozen times and plan to read it a half dozen more. I also plan to post some of my first efforts at painting flats and the use of grayscale. It can sometimes be discouraging and inspiring all at the same time when you see a master’s work. I am at the other end of the spectrum. Perhaps my work will provoke someone to say something like, “I can do better than that”, or “If he can do it, I can too.”

      1. I was lucky enough to see this piece at the Atlanta Show. Thanks Dutch! It is unbelieveable. I painted this flat many years ago and realize what an injustice I did to it. I read an article by Greg which I think was published in the now defunct Historical Miniatures magazine. It is a very good article. I can’t wait to read about how he painted the elephant.

        1. Pete, we have permission to reprint that article and several others on flats that appeared in Historical Miniature Magazine. As soon as Greg and Peter Ferk and one other article are sent to me, I will post them. There are some great articles on painting coming up by these painters, including some by Penny Meyer.

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