Jack Muldoon’s work with The Little Tin Soldier is an important one for people in the US. He is one of the few, if not the only one, that takes the time to procure flat figures from all over the world to make them available to people in the USA. It is not uncommon to ask someone, “where did you get that figure,” with a view toward purchasing one, for them to say, “Jack Muldoon.”

Jack has some new stock:

Bavarian Curassier 1825

Bavarian Cuirassier 1825

France 1798 Officer 9me Hussars

France 1798 Officer 9me Hussars

Heinrich der Lowe, mounted

Heinrich der Lowe

Roman Legionare 100 b.c. 75mm

Roman Legionare 100 B.C.


Saxony Dragoon Drummer 30 year war 90mm

Saxony Dragoon Drummer, 330 Year War 90mm

There are more to come. Just click here to order.


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