My wife paints beautiful flowers on china. Every year she attends one or two “china shows.”image1 A gentleman by the name of Fred MacNeil has displayed his handiwork at a number of those shows, and I keep telling myself that I am going to buy myself one of those beautiful display cases for my figures.

At the last show my wife attended, he had on display a 5 tiered acrylic display case configured to spin around. It is beautiful.

I plan to post more photos of Fred’s work, but I am too anxious to wait. You can see more of his products at, or you can contact him through email at: He is also able to make custom products as well.

Fred lives very close, so I hope to visit him one day soon. When I do I will take photos of some of his work and display them in an upcoming post.

The photos below are from his website, but I recommend you take a look at the site for yourself.

I would like to hear from the flat tin community what you think of these displays. They seem to me to be the ideal mean for keeping your figures on display at home.

yhst-16858480685635_2271_14702909 acrylic-show-case-3

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