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Mark Kirkbride took the free software on which the popular “wikipedia” is based and created a unique “wiki” in which everything “flat” can be posted for the benefit of all.

The world of Flat Tin Figures is vast. There are editors, engravers, painters, manufacturers, history, and technique in engraving and painting to consider. Like any valuable endeavor, it must begin with a handful of articles, but it will grow. Imagine the potential good this site can be to both experienced and beginner alike. If you want to know something about an engraver, all you do is type their name in the search window and everything pertaining to that engraver is listed for you to read.

I encourage you to check it out for yourself, and if you are one of those with expertise in the field, consider submitting it to “flattinwiki.” Check it out here: http://www.intflatfigures.org/flatWiki/index.php?title=Main_Page


4 thoughts on “Flat Tin Wiki

  1. i am trying to locate the smooth blank slates for engraving figures. am going in circles. any direction might help. love your website. thanks

    1. Raymond,
      Regina Sontag writes in response to your question:
      Yes , I can help you! Most engravers order the slate by :

      Bettina Süßmeier
      Gartenweg 23
      82399 Raisting


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