I asked Ken if he would keep me informed of any new reliefs he sculpted. He has kindly sent photos of fives more reliefs he has sculpts. The reliefs seem to be getting a good deal of attention on the site. He writes:

Here are my 5 new 120mm upcoming releases available very soon.

1) C/Sgt.Rifle Brigade  Crimean War 1854
2) Corporal. 93rd Highlanders Crimean War 1854
3) Sergeant Battalion Co. 49th Regt Crimean War 1854
4) English Medieval Knight No1 1300-1400
5) English Medieval Knight no2 1300-1400
Also two additional group pictures in the same order in case you prefer these.
I will send you the painted versions as and when I receive them.
If anyone purchases any of Ken’s figures and paints them, send photos. I will post them. I already have my eye on several of these.

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