Fabrizio Cheli sent these beautiful figures from the Faust collection. They are engraved by Mohr. Fabrizio paints with an acrylic base coat and oil technique. He plans to send us photos of a work in progress from this same set. I look forward to seeing that. Thanks Fabrizio.

Below is a figure he sent me a few weeks ago.



12 thoughts on “Fabrizio Cheli, 9.14.17

  1. As usual magnificient !!!! “To be or not to be ” .. In particular the entral character at the top !!c
    For the knights, I can admire the patience for pao,ting the shadows of each metal piece of the chainmail of the caparison of the right horse !!! = hallucinatory in 30mm size !!!

  2. The two French Knights are flats from engraver and editor Wolfgang Friedrich, related to the Battle of Crecy in 1346, flats No Fa7 and Fa3 seemingy related to the most probable characters:
    left: Robert III d’Harcourt, seigneur de Baumesnil, ( – pts 1346)
    right: Robert Bertran de Briquebec, sun of Robert VII , killed at Crecy (1321-1346), ased on the coats of arms.

    1. The two knight are part of the Charles de Valois charge series.
      The other knight I’m painting are in addition to Charles II Count of Alencon, Jacques d’Estrailles, Gilles de Soyecourt, Robert de Wavrin, sire de Venant and Saint Germain.
      I have to finish these figures by September. Just ready to put the photos.
      Forgive my poor English.

  3. Thank you Michel, the knights have only received the base with acrylic colors. I have to finish the work with the oil colors to make the color passes more delicate

    1. Yes, Fabrizio, I saw this, the painting of the left horse was still rather rough, floor and end of legs not fully painted; However even at this stage,I admire the delicacy of the painting of the coat of arms, chainmail, … Thank you for giving picture with high resolution, to learn for ourselves.
      Hoping one day to be able to see your work with my eyes !!

  4. Fabrizio Cheli: Nice to see these wonderfull Maestro Mohr figures, painted to such a high standard, my compliments. I don’t think there’s any reason for commenting on the two knights, as I understand that these are not finished.
    Kindest regards
    Kjeld Buchholtz

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