Eric Talmant

From Eric Talmant:

I started collecting flats some years ago (actually many …) and I have always thought that a collection was not to stay in cabinets, hidden in a dark room. We all have the possibility of showing what we own, thanks to the Internet

Of course I could try to create a web site of my own, but first I am not skilled enough with computers and second, why do not use the existing websites? So when Steve told me he was thinking to open a “Collection” section in his site, I felt it would be a good idea.

My collection is not a big one but it covers a rather large area and can give an idea of what is possible. Of course nothing similar to the great collection which existed around the world, some of them with hundred thousands of figures.

I will start showing some figures from different painters, let’s say “modern”, I mean mainly from the 20th century

I hope you will enjoy and forgive me for anything wrong you could find. The world of flats is gigantic and I do not have so great a knowledge.

Eric added the following photos to the gallery in Feb. 2016