This is for the flat tin figure community at large. Over the past few days I posted a couple of blogs of the display cases of Fred MacNeil of A.T. Enterprises. You can click here for examples of the display cases already available.

Fred sent me a note asking me what kind of display case or stand would best suit flats at a show or competition. I am asking for some input from you. If you were going to display your flat at a show or competition, what would you like to see. Fred is willing to make a display case or stand tailored to our needs.

So, I want to  hear from you. Any ideas? Just post them under comments. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Display for Flats

  1. As I post mostly flats in frames, display cases would generally less suitable than for posting collection figurines

  2. Funnily enough, we on the BFFS stands have been having this same debate.

    All our figures are also displayed in frames, and generally they are all on one level. This is fine, but you lose the smaller ones amongst the larger ones! with this in mind, we were looking at a 3/4 tier display stand. most tables are 3 foot wide by 5/6 foot long. What we haven’t yet worked out is how tall each platform should be!! what we do know is the display stand would need to be easily assembled and disassembled, lightweight and easily transported as a flatpack.

  3. Funnily enough, we at the BFFS have been having this same discussion.
    We also display most of our figures in frames, and until now have displayed them on one level. The problem with this is that the smaller ones tend to get lost amongst the larger ones.
    We were thinking of a 3/4 tier stand. The tables are usually 3 foot wide by 5/6 foot long.
    What we haven’t worked out yet is how tall each tier should be!! We also need to see over them!!
    What we do know is that the stand must be lightweight, easy and quick to assemble and disassemble and be easily transported as a flat pack.

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