Andreas Barz wrote a letter informing me of an impressive collection of dioramas centered on the Roman Empire and its emperors. Andreas wrote:

A friend of mine, Helmut Saiger of Neuenburg/Germany, is a dedicated collector and builder of dioramas on the history of the Roman Empire and its emperors. Helmut has built more than 60 flat figure dioramas by now which have been shown already in many museums on Roman history in Germany by now. Helmut is a member of our local collectors´ circle at Freiburg/Black Forest, Germany.

Please check his website to see breathtaking dioramas on ancient Rome:

I have not looked at every page available on this site, but Andreas is correct. It is “an impressive collection of dioramas.”

For more information on the collectors’ circle at Frieburg/Black Forest, Germany, check out the article posted here.

Those of you who have contributed to this site or pointed readers to fascinating sites of collectors, painter, and engravers have helped to make this site what it has become. Thank you.


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