Rich Odell notified me of the work of a young man in Germany named Dennis Mitschke. Rich sent me a photo of his work. All I can say is Rich has great taste in painters.

Dennis is only 19 years old and is studying to be a painting conservator. He will be in formal training for 2 years. (In the photo below, Dennis is holding a sculpt by Ken Farrar of “Jean-Dominique Larrey” the famous surgeon of Napoleon.

Dennis Mitschke


I asked Dennis to send me a brief write up of his interest in painting and, in particular, painting flats. Here is what he wrote:

I am running towards the age of 19 this December. Born in Stuttgart (Germany), I moved towards Baden-Baden in September 2013 to start my hands-on training as a painting conservator (which will last 2 years). With this hands-on training as practical base, I’ve planned to study this interesting profession of conservation.

At the age of 5 I’ve firstly visit the miniature exhibitions in Germany “Herzog von Bayern, Ingolstadt” and “Kulmbach”, became influenced and now addicted. At the beginning trained by my father, I started with fantasy miniatures of Games Workshop “The Lord of the Rings”, Reaper, Confrontation and Andrea Miniatures, painted and airbrushed with acrylics. These tabletop round miniatures from 28mm & 54mm had been shown at these German Competitions over the time. Progressively I’ve moved forward with a bust of 120mm and changed to oil colours in 2010, which I personally prefer most for my arts. This bust had been firstly international presented with some other rounds at the “World Expo 2011” at Montreux/Swiss at the Beginners Class with a high recommendation.

After this incredible show I felt ready to give the flat miniatures a try. Starting 2011 with the 200mm Bust of the “Korrigan” engraved by Andreas Trost. After half a year of work this product received the “Best of Show-Flats” at Ingolstadt 2012 and a bronze medal at the “Euromilitaire 2012” – my first participation at this famous show. Furthermore in 2012 I’ve started with my first historical miniature, a Prussian hussar “Hartwig Karl von Wartenberg” General Major of Frederic the Greats Army. This miniature was a gift by Konrad Schulte, when I was a 6 year old boy, and it was my way to say thank you after receiving lots of expertise advice in painting techniques and colour. Not to forget Massimo Pasquali and these many others who express intensive reviews and advice.

My first relief had been bought from Ken Farrar at the “Euromilitaire” last year. A great sculpted miniature by Ken, showing “Jean-Dominique Larrey” the famous surgeon of Napoleon. During a school trip I had the chance to take some pictures of the original painting, to be seen at the “Louvre” in Paris. With this expression in my mind, I started painting the miniature, trying to be as close as possible at this great original art work. Last year in Secondary School with its lots of exams painting-time was limited, so the work shown at the “Euromilitaire 2013” was sadly unfinished in some parts and run a silver medal – pushing me forward to enrich higher quality and precision. The pictures are showing the final results.

Current project is a 130mm flat of a gyrfalcon from Detlef Belaschk (now distributed by Benedikt Widmann). This is furthermore a contractual work which might never been seen at any of the competitions. I will upload the result when it’s finished.

My other hobbies are archery, photography, drawing and painting (on canvas,…). Unfortunately, archery is currently halted, due to priority. My latest special was the chance to march and act within the “9th Regiment d`Infanterie Legére” in a borrowed uniform at the 200 year jubilee reenactment of the “Völkerschlacht at Leipzig”. An absolutely great day and a deep experience.

This also gives some direction in painting towards historical miniatures, flats and rounds. I’m struggling to create unique, expressive characters. Proudly I am pushed and coached by some great international miniature-artist friends. Many thanks to all of you.

… please stay tuned!

Here are a few more photos of his work.


HZF-Hartwig Karl von Wartenberg_002_01


Jean Dominique Larrey1

Thank you Dennis.

3 thoughts on “Dennis Mitschke, Painter

  1. So pleased that Dennis’s work has been given exposure here (many thanks Steve!). I hope this gives him the encouragement to further develop his talent. We need people like him to carry this art-form into the future.

  2. I can only agree, superb work. Looking forward to any new painted figures from Dennis’s brush

  3. Hallo Dennis, habe soeben mit Franz Winkler über Dich positiv gesprochen. Deine Malerkarriere ist ja prima verlaufen.
    Kann ich bei Dir einen Auftrag lancieren.? Habe einiges was mich neu begeistert.
    Liebe Grüße auch an Deinen Vater.
    Danke und tschüs aus Berlin

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