His name was mentioned during the awards ceremony in Kulmbach this year. I saw him half way across the room and was looking forward to meeting him after the awards ceremony was completed, but the crowd and circumstances did not allow me to meet the young man whose work has been featured on this website in the past. To quote Maxwell Smart, “Missed it by that much.”

When Dennis Mitschke’s work was first featured, he was a student at the University of Dresden and the Academy of Arts in Stuttgart. He recently passed his exams and was one of five who were chosen to study ”
conservation of paintings” in Stuttgart. His new work begins in October 2015. Congratulations, Dennis.

Here are the two pieces Dennis submitted for judging in Kulmbach. He informs me that “the first flat shows the blind Homer, being led by a young boy, after a painting of William Bouguereau, 1874.” He gave it to his boss and mentor Alexander Wooth.


the one he won a medal for is a portal of “Sebastien Le Presort de Vauban,” Architect and builder of fortresses under Louis XIV.



Dennis says he will send me more photos of the flats he has painted so we can create a gallery of his work. I look forward to seeing everything he paints.

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