There is no doubt in my mind that Ken Farrar knows more about some parts of American History than I know. He has made visits to some of the most significant sites in America. I know he has travelled to some important Civil War sites, as well as the Alamo, in San Antonio, Texas. He also reads book on the subject. He recently visited Texas and writes, “San Antonio is such a beautiful place and besides every boyhoods dream of visiting the Alamo there were some very inspirational Western Art Museums.” (This may be where Ken is getting his ideas for sculpting flats.)

A couple of months ago, he sent me a photo of his most recent historic piece, Davy Crockett, but asked me not to share it until he had an opportunity to paint it. Well, the wait is over. He titled this resin flat, “Defender of the Alamo.” It is 120 mm, £7.00, and can be ordered through Ken’s email:



With the mini-series “Texas Rising” in the States, I would imagine this will be a popular figure, especially in the States. Ken Also recommended reading a “great novel on the  Alamo called, ‘The Blood of Heroes’ by James Donovan.”


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