Eric writes:

Here are some old Douchkine figures I recently found. They are part of the well known Golden Fleece tournament set. They were probably painted before WWII because some of the figures come from the old molds which desappeared after Paul Armont death (see “A little mould story”). What I find interesting is to see how Douchkine used to paint metallic parts, directly on the bare metal. I confess that I have been trying this way for a while and am still searching the clue. As a comparison I join three pictures with the same figures painted by Douchkine and me. You will understand the difference and why I still try to improve my way.

Hérault, René d’Anjou, Page de Philippe le Bon (Douchkine)

Jean de Vergy

Juge Arbitre

Thibault de Neufchatel
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  1. Douchkine was quiet ique in his style and treatment of light and shadows, but your are approaching him quiet closely, Eric !!! Your advantage is you probably had hi as a model in front of you, while he did’nt!

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